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Judo For the World  - For a better Society
International Judo Federation

Judo is a martial art with deep roots in Japanese culture that has developed into a modern sport practiced by 40 million people worldwide.

Midtown Judo Kiyomizukan teaches traditional Japanese judo focusing on self-discipline, excellent conditioning, smooth technique and the ability to be a real team player.

Why midtown judo


Students are taught that developing a good work ethic through steady practice can produce incredible results for both mental and physical well-being. 

Students work with their instructors, and most importantly with their peers, developing the strength, speed and agility to perform judo’s throwing and grappling techniques.  A positive class atmosphere and a culture of perseverance are promoted so that each student can find their own unique potential.




Koglin Sensei is a 5th degree black belt, Judo Canada and the Kodokan Institute, Tokyo, Japan.  He has been junior national champion of Canada and has taught for the University of Toronto, the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, the North York YMCA, Crescent School, the Yamanaka Budo Life Centre, Associated Hebrew Day School, Native Child and Family Services Toronto, Yawara Dojo and Budokai JC. He also currently instructs at North Hill Private School, Autumn Hill Academy, and Modo Yoga Studios.



‘Kiyomizukan’ is a tribute to Sensei Koglin's family roots in Japan’s old capital Kyoto.

Kiyomizudera is a well-known temple in Kyoto whose image always reminds him  of his maternal ancestral line, especially his strong obāsan, Masu. 

Kiyomizu means “Pure Water” - the practise of judo can clarify one’s outlook on life. 

“Leaving it all on the mat” in a hard workout session, gives one clear vision and a strong heart. 

Kiyo vec trans.png
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